Master Edge - Premium Edge Banding Solutions

Sri Ganesh Plastics was founded in the year 1999 with focus on creating quality products. With over 18 years of experience in polymer extrusion industry, we are the perfect partner for all your edge banding needs. We offer a comprehensive range of edge band tapes that are available in a wide spectrum of colours and variety of sizes. Our edge fix glue compliments our range of edge band by providing the strongest bond that will last for a lifetime. This helps us achieve Beautiful Edges, Strong Bonding.

Pvc Edge Banding

Edge Banding Tapes are thin strips of plastic used to conceal the exposed edges of furniture. This increases the durability of edges and also gives them a beautiful appearance. These tapes are available in a wide variety of colours and wood grain designs due to which they can easily be matched with laminates or veneer. Edge banding is applied to the substrate by an automated process using a hot melt adhesive. This enables high volume manufacturing of furniture. We offer a wide range of these wonder strips and are continuously working hard to introduce new designs and colours. Master edge tapes are available in Matt and High Gloss Finish and the designs can be broadly classified as Solid, Wooden and Designer.

Master Edge - Master Fix Glue

Master Edge Master Fix Glue is the best suited glue for fixing the edge band tapes to wood, since it is carefully crafted to compliment the edge band. It is available in different sizes of packaging for ease of application. At Master Edge, we have specially crafted this glue for manual use so as to provide strong adhesion, which is as good as that achieved by machine installation using the hot melt glue.